We are all under pressure from time to time — deadlines sneak up on us, or unexpected events crop up.  In hindsight, things that seemed an emergency in the moment don’t seem so pressing in the present.

For your sanity as a web publisher on UUA.org, allow two days for your content to go live. Multimedia files may take longer.

Here’s the snap-shot:

  • documents (DOC, PDF, etc.) – 1 day
  • images – 1 day
  • web pages – 1 day
  • multimedia (video or audio) – 3 days

Things are often live much faster but it depends on the Web Team’s current workload and priorities. Check out the details in the ITS Web Team’s SLA or feel free to email the Web Team – well in advance of your deadline of course.

Just keep in mind, “Two Days to Done” (except multimedia) and you should be good.

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Tim Griffin