Got a great idea for a domain name for your UUA project, committee, or whatever? Ready to register it yourself? Wait a minute! Problems can arise with ownership, renewals, UUA policy, and searchability.

Got Search?

If you use a domain name other than, when people search for a word or phrase using the search box in the upper right corner of every page, your material won’t appear. (Google’s site search is limited to three domain names, and we’ve chosen,, and

Searching isn’t an issue if you are using a domain name as an additional way to get to pages. For example redirects to, so those pages are included in search results.

An alternative is to request a subdomain, like or These subdomains are all included in the site search.

UUA Policy

UUA policy requires that UUA staff consult with the ITS Web Team (at web @ before registering domain names. It won’t take long.

Dealing with Domain Registrars

You register a domain name with a domain registrar, and ¬†there are hundreds of them. Disreputable registrars send domain owners fake bills that actually hijack your original registration to switch to them, usually at a much higher cost. Even checking the availability of a domain name can be dangerous — a few nasty registrars will register the name you want on the spot, with themselves as owners, so that you have to pay them extra to get it.

The ITS staff group needs to keep track of the domain names the UUA owns so that we can update them when we upgrade servers, and move them to different registrars on occasion. The best system is for all our domains to be owned by one account at one registrar.

The Answer: Talk to ITS!

If you want to register a domain name, talk to the ITS Web Team (at web @ We’ll check the availability and usability of the name, and then Scott Thomson, our intrepid network guy, can register it and point it at your website.


About the Author
Margy Levine Young
Margy Levine Young is the Manager of the ITS Web Team, part of the Information Technology Service staff group of the UUA.