We are done installing a new mail server (Exchange 2010, for those geeks among you). The next step is to move all our mailboxes from the old server to the new server. We’ve moved the first 100 or so, and will be moving about 50 each night until we are done. You’ll get an email the day before we plan to move yours. Read on for details.

If your mailbox is on the old server:

  • Outlook works as usual on Windows.
  • You should be able to use Outlook Web Access at http://mailuua.uua.org (note that there’s no “/exchange” in the address – update the bookmarks or favorites in your browser!).
  • For your password, enter “UUA\” followed by your username.
  •  Smartphones and tablets can’t connect to old mailboxes any more. Neither can Entourage if you are off-site.

If your mailbox is on the new server:

  • Outlook users won’t see any change on Windows.
  • Outlook Web Access will look much better, though – very similar to Outlook. It’s still at  http://mailuua.uua.org.
  • Mac users can upgrade to Outlook 2011, which can connect to the new server. James has purchased the software for you, and can help you install it.
  • Smartphones and tablets can connect. You may need to restart your phone, or reconfigure the mail account, to get it to connect.

We’ll send more details before we move your mailbox. Sorry for all this disruption!

About the Author
Margy Levine Young
Margy Levine Young is the Manager of the ITS Web Team, part of the Information Technology Service staff group of the UUA.