Modern communications brings with it an unfortunate side effect: spam. To combat this the UUA employs a product from Google called Postini. All the UUA email runs through Postini’s spam filters before it gets to our inboxes. Normally this is great but sometimes you want to tweak things a bit. How?

First log into Postini with your UUA email address and Postini password. Note: This is not the password you use to access your email or log into your computer. If you don’t know your Postini password, send an email to helpdesk [at] asking for a reset.

Once you’ve logged in, click on ‘My Settings‘ in the upper right. From here there are several options such as Block or Approve Senders, but the ones that often have the biggest impact are hidden under ‘Manage Junk Filters‘.Clicking on ‘Manage Junk Filters‘ gives you the option to set how paranoid Postini will be about incoming email.Or you can click on ‘Show Category Filters’ to set how harshly it will treat incoming email based on subject matter.That is the quick tour of the UUA’s spam settings. As always if you have more questions we’re just an email away.

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