Save iTunesiTunes is a problem for IT folks. I guesstimate  that iTunes will cost ITS about $3,000 in time when we migrate to Windows 7 later this year.  Every time we replace a computer or re-install Windows on an existing computer, we backup and restore all your files. If you use iTunes, you have an iTunes Library folder containing all your music, and we have to move it along with the rest of your files. (Well, we don’t have to, but we are nice enough to do so.) If you have hundreds or thousands of songs or videos, the iTunes Library folder is large, and can take half an hour to back up and restore.

If we had to replace or upgrade every computer in the UUA (which will need to do when we upgrade to Windows 7),  iTunes would add 100 hours to the project, at a cost of at least $3,000.  As you can imagine, this does not make ITS as a staff group particularly well disposed towards iTunes. The $3,000 doesn’t show up anywhere in our budget. Frankly, we can think of better ways to use those 100 hours. (This calculation is why IT departments gradually become draconian and disallow things like iTunes).

Fortunately, there is another option. You can help ITS by backing up iTunes yourself — anytime, or for sure when we notify you that we are preparing to update your computer to Windows 7. It’s not terribly difficult (though there are a few steps to the process) and Apple has a great walk through to guide you. Check out this YouTube tutorial from CNet on the subject. If you have a backup copy of your iTunes library, when IT needs to set up a new computer or re-image your current computer, we can ignore your iTunes Library folder, saving IT from a non-work-related time sink.

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