If you take video or audio and want to post it to UUA.org, we’d love to help! Even if you’ve already posted it on YouTube or Vimeo, or are distributing it on a DVD or CD, we’d still like to get a copy of your files into our archive and searchable media database. Here’s what to do if you have video or audio files.

  1. Go to www.uua.org/multimedia/submit. This page is written for outsiders who want to submit video for inclusion on UUA.org, but it’s got instructions about transcripts, copyright, and permissions that you should know about.
  2. Follow the Multimedia Submission Form link to www.uua.org/multimedia/submit/160561.shtml, where you can tell us about your file(s). We’ll put this information in the media database so all of us will be able to find your material later.
  3. For the Media File Location, tell us if it’s on the share drive in the Video Studio, or in the S:\Scratch folder, or what. You can give us more information in the Other Locations box.
  4. Fill out the rest of the form, and click Submit.
  5. The ITS Web Team will process the file, convert into a format (MP4 for videos, MP3 for audios) for web streaming, and will send you an email with the location of the file.
  6. Now you can embed the video or audio in a UUA.org page, either in the body of the page or in the right-hand sidebar. (Contact web@uua.org for instructions.) Or you can embed it in your blog.

One last thing:  If you edited the video in the video studio, don’t delete your raw footage – we’ll archive it.

Thanks! Video and audio are such valuable stuff that we want to keep track of them and post them wherever they might be useful!

About the Author
Margy Levine Young
Margy Levine Young is the Manager of the ITS Web Team, part of the Information Technology Service staff group of the UUA.