Video, done right, is the most compelling content on the web. It draws the viewer in and can mobilize your audience to action in ways other media just can’t. Indeed, with Google video serving 143.2 million unique viewers in July 2010, most of that being YouTube, you relegate your organization to the unknown if you don’t use video as a key part of your content strategy.  In the early months of 2011, 89 million people will watch 1.2 billion videos – daily.  Most blog software makes it very easy to add video to your blog.  UUA Blogs uses WordPress as its blogging software.  We’ve setup a couple easy ways to add video to your blog.

YouTube Video Widget

Adding your Youtube video to the right side bar is simple via the Youtube Video Widget (see one here).  If you go to Appearance > Plugins > Widgets in the left side bar from  your blogs’s dashboard you can easily drag and drop the widget into your side bar layout.  Add the unique video ID and a caption; then click the save button.  If you are unclear on how to discover the unique ID of a YouTube video just send an email to and ask for help.  Now, preview your blog post and you’ll see it in the right side bar on every page of the blog.  Be aware that you can also drag and drop your widgets vertically to place them in the best position according to your content priorities.

WordPress Video Plugin

This option takes a little more doing but not much really.  You will need to edit the HTML in your blog post.  Don’t be afraid.   You don’t actually have to input very much at all so you won’t likely obliterate all your blog content. The great thing about this plugin is that it lets you add videos from any one of the video web sites that the plugin supports.

You’ll need to grab the unique ID of the video you want to insert.  Then  go to the “HTML” tab in the edit mode for you post.  You then insert at the desired place in your post the following code:

image of youtube code snippet

As you can see, that small bit of code will insert the video to fit the width of your main content column.

If you want it to be smaller you can add height and width dimensions as follows:

image of vimeo code snippet

If this still seems tricky to you, just send an email to with any questions.

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