One of the downsides to the recent Jefferson update comes to us in the form of incompatible printers. If you are unlucky, the printer connected to your home computer may no longer be available when you are logged in to Jefferson. One option is to buy a new printer, but if you want to cheat, there is a way you can kind of print from Jefferson anyway using a PDF Printer. First, install PDF Creator (free) on your home computer. (It’s very useful anyway. Why print to paper, which you have to file somewhere, when you can print to a PDF file and store it on your hard disk?)

Next, make sure your computer is making its printers available to Jefferson. Open Remote Desktop Connection, click on Options, click on the Local Resources tab, and check the Printers box.

Now when you connect to Jefferson, your PDFCreator “printer” should appear as an option when printing. You may see several printing options: the one you are looking for will be named something like “PDFCreator (redirected 12).”When you print to this “printer,” Jefferson “prints” your document to your computer’s copy of PDFCreator (which may take a few seconds). Then you see a dialog box like this, asking where to store the PDF file:Now you can print the PDF file using Adobe Reader on your computer.

It’s not an ideal solution, but it works if you absolutely must print and the new Jefferson turns up its nose at the printer attached to your computer.

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James Curran