Most of the time, Windows programs behave, but occasionally they freeze up and stubbornly refuse to close or respond. Usually you can use End Task from the task manager to close them but if that fails there is another trick you can use: End Process. Here’s how both of these methods work. The first step is to open the Task Manager, either by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del or right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting Start Task Manager from the menu.

Once you have the Task Manager running, click on the Applications tab, right-click on the misbehaving program and select ‘Go To Process’.You see another tab, showing quite a bit more detail about what is running on your computer. Ignore everything but the highlighted entry (your frozen program). Right-click on it and select ‘End Process’.

Usually that forces your program to close. If it doesn’t, you can always turn off your computer by holding down the power button or get in touch with IT by sending an email to: helpdesk [at]

Instructions for Mac Users 


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