Recently the UUA replaced its terminal server (Jefferson). One thing you may not know about the new Jefferson is that it is possible to have it display Windows 7 Themes.  You just have to make a few changes to the Remote Desktop Connection program on your computer first. Read on for all the details.



  1. On your computer, click Start and choose  ‘Remote Desktop Connection’
  2. Click on Options:
  3. Click the ‘Experience’ tab.
  4. Check all the boxes:
  5. Now log into Jefferson with your UUA username and password.
  6. Right-click on the Jefferson desktop and select Personalize:
  7. From here you can change your background or  apply Windows 7 themes:
  8. Optional: You can grab pre-built themes from Microsoft or search a site like for a more personalized desktop background, such as a panda.

Slow?: If Jefferson becomes slow after following these steps, your computer or Internet connection may not be able to handle all this fancy stuff. Go back to Step 4 and un-check all the boxes again.

Mac Users: Unfortunately, if you access Jefferson from a Mac, you can’t get quite the same experience. Open Remote Desktop Connection, click on the RDC menu, select Preferences, switch to the Display tab, and check everything but “Do not show the Mac menu bar.” This adjustment gets you close.

About the Author
James Curran