Not everyone has the same level of tech expertise, and sometimes it’s tough to see colleagues zip through computer tasks you have trouble with. If you feel embarrassed about your technical skills (and who doesn’t from time to time?) it can be even tougher to ask for help.  While there are many resources on the available online it can be an overwhelming task to search them out. Recently lifehacker started a column called “Emailable Tech Support” aimed at techies that need to send instructions to their less tech inclined friends and family. They write detailed articles in simple language anyone can pick up and follow, such as How to Copy, Cut, and Paste for Beginners or How to Upload Videos to YouTube. It’s a great place to start if you’d like to further your tech skills.  Just head over to the Emailable Tech Support page for the latest article.  More topics are available in the side bar to the right.

If you have recommendations for resources for easy tech tips don’t hesitate to shout out in the comments.

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