For folks who work in Boston:

Not too long ago I wrote an article explaining how to automatically backup your Desktop and Documents folders to your U:\ folder, which is pretty cool. Where it turns awesome is when you use the same trick on Jefferson. Here is how it works: tell your UUA computer to use U:\ as the place to store all your Documents, and then tell Jefferson to use the same place (U:\). The end result is anything you save on your computer shows up on Jefferson and anything you save on Jefferson shows up on your computer automagically. Read on for all the details.If you haven’t already, the first step is to tell your computer to store your Desktop and Documents in your U:\ folder.

Once you have that set up, you’re ready to do the same on Jefferson. Fire up Remote Desktop Connection and log in.

Once you’ve logged in type or paste the following into the search field (to go to your home folder):


Press Enter and you see a list of folders in your home folder.Right-click on My Documents, select Properties, click on the Location Tab, and type:


When you click OK, Jefferson asks you if you want to move your files. Click on Yes.

Now repeat the process, choosing your Desktop folder and tell it to move it to U:\Desktop.

The final step is to enjoy having all your work files synced from your computer to Jefferson effortlessly!

Note for off-site staff: Don’t try this! The U:\ folder is only available when you are on Beacon Hill or connected to the UUA’s VPN.

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