Did you know that files you save on your computer are not backed up? It’s sad but true that anything you save on the hard drive of your work computer could be lost if something bad happened. Fortunately if you use a desktop on Beacon hill there is an easy way to make sure files are backed up. Here’s how to tell your computer to store your Desktop and Documents folder in your U:\ Drive rather than on your local computer.

There are a couple advantages to storing your files in your U:\ drive. Most notably, it gets backed up twice each day and is easy to reach from Jefferson. This can cause a few things like dropbox to get angry so if you are unsure it can’t hurt to check in with IT. Here is how to get started:

1. Open the Start menu. Then paste or type the following into the Search field:   C:\Users\%USERNAME%\

2. Press Enter and you should see a folder with your Desktop, Documents, Pictures, etc.

3. Right click on Desktop and Select Properties. Click the Location Tab on the Desktop Properties window and enter U:\Desktop in the box.

4. If U:\Desktop does not exist, it’ll ask if you want to create it (click Yes). Next it’ll ask if you want to move your files. Again, click Yes. This process may take awhile…

5. Repeat the process starting with step 3, but clicking the My Documents Folder instead of the Desktop.

Now when you open your U:\ you should see two new folders, Desktop and My Documents. Anything you save on your Desktop or in your Documents folder will be saved to your personal network folder (and backed up). As always if you have questions or this doesn’t work as expected you can let us know with an email to helpdesk [at] uua.org.

Note: If you want to change the folders back to their original location, you’ll need to open your U:\ drive and right-click on Desktop or My Documents, switch to the Location tab and enter: “C:\Users\%USERNAME\Desktop” (or My Documents)

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