Good security policy requires that you change your UUA password about every three months. However, if you work outside Boston, you can’t just change the password on your computer; the UUA’s network needs to be notified about the change. You can either schedule a trip to Boston (we’d love to see you) or use the Jefferson server to make the change.

The easiest way to change your UUA password when you are away from your desk is through the Jefferson terminal server, which allows you to use a computer at 25 Beacon from anywhere. If you haven’t used Jefferson before, this article should get you started.

The first thing you’ll need to do is to sign into Jefferson. Once there, you can press: Ctrl + Alt + End (in place of Ctrl + Alt + Del) to bring up the option to change your password. Next click the “Change a password…” button. Then type in your current password and new password. Press the blue arrow to finalize the switch.

Mac users can also take advantage of this offsite password changing goodness but will need to press Control + Option + Delete instead.

Important Note: If you need the password requirements you can check out this article on the ITS FAQ for all the aggravating important details.

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