One question that pops up again and again seems to be: Why can’t I can’t log into Jefferson from home? If you are having trouble connecting there are several important things to you might want to check on: your Internet connection, that you are connecting to Jefferson, and which account you are using (you’ll want to make sure it’s your UUA account).

Internet Connection

While it seems silly to say, make sure you can browse to a website before moving on. There are few things more frustrating than realizing you just spent 30 minutes messing with settings with no positive result because of something simple like no Internet connectivity. I’d recommend using to make sure you are connected to the Internet, but you can use any website. If you suspect your Internet connection is the trouble, Lifehacker has a great article on How to Troubleshoot a Flaky Internet Connection. (Yes, I am aware it is a bit ironic to suggest a website to someone with Internet connection trouble, but you might be able to use a friend’s connection or hang out in Starbucks long enough to save it to your computer).

Check the Address

Make sure you are trying to connect to If there is a typo or you left off: you wont be able to connect.

Use Your UUA Account

Again this may seem obvious, but modern operating systems such as Windows 7 and OS X make it easy to overlook. In an attempt to be helpful your operating system may try to connect to Jefferson with the account you used to log into your home computer. Meaning that rather than connecting to Jefferson as uua\jcurran I could end up trying to connect with something like HomeComputer\James.To avoid this you can click on “Use another account” and enter your UUA username and password.Make sure “Domain” indicates uua. If it says anything else, add a “uua\” before your UUA username.

Note: On Macs, OS X often attempts to connect to the domain: You’ll need to shorten it to:

If things still aren’t working, you can always let us know by sending an email to helpdesk [at] and we can help you get connected.

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