Show Tweets on Your Page

UUWorld Twitter widgetIf your UUA staff group has a Twitter account, you can add a module to the right-hand column of any page that shows your most recent tweets. Or, you can maintain a list of Twitter accounts of people who post on a topic, and display tweets from all those people on your page.

Instructions for adding either kind of Twitter widget — for one Twitter account, or for a list of Twitter accounts — are on the UUA intranet. Enjoy!

Update All Your Social Networks at Once

Nowadays if you don’t have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a blog, your staff group might be considered behind the times. Of course, the downside of all these fancy communications channels is that keeping them updated with relevant info gets to be a full-time job.

Fortunately you can update them all at once with You’ll need to head over to their site and setup a free account. Once you do, you hook up your various social networking accounts so you can update them all at the same time. For a full list of the accounts you can update with click here.

Usability and Your Communications

How does the usability of your communications stack up against industry standards? “Why proliferate the world with useless objects [and processes]?”  This is a question asked by John Hockenberry, Honorary Chair of World Usability Day (WUD) 2010 which just happened this month on November 11th.

WUD’s mission is to ensure “…greater awareness for designs, products and services that improve and facilitate communication around the world,” says Elizabeth Rosenzweig, founder of WUD.  This years special focus for WUD is on communications. (more…)