Firefox Addons (or why I use Firefox)

In a previous post I mentioned that I use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser. There are a few reasons here and there but if I had to name one thing that keeps me using Firefox it would be: Firefox addons. These things are awesome, and let me easily tweak the program or add features. To install them open the Tools Menu and select Add-ons. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order: (more…)

Printing a Web Page the Way You Want It

It always annoyed me that when I printed out a web page it came with ads, links to other articles, Facebook “Like” buttons, the list goes on…  I always used to copy and paste the entire page into something like Microsoft Word and delete things before printing.

Recently I stumbled onto a neat little solution to this particular annoyance. (more…)

Phoenix – Easy Online Image editing

Ever sit down at a coworker’s computer (or a loaner) only to find they don’t have your favorite image editing software installed? Rather than downloading and installing something like The Gimp or Paint.NET you can just point a web browser at Phoenix. Phoenix lets you upload photos to edit online or create new photos. It’s powerful (support for essentials like layers) and it’s easy to use. They even have tutorials to get you started. Best of all its free, there is no install time and it works anywhere you have a web browser and an internet connection.

Safari 5 and Reader

Apple just released the latest version of Safari. If you want to give it a shot you can grab a copy here. However you can still get at least one of the nifty new features: ”Reader” in your current browser. Reader lets you click a button and convert a webpage from its normal ad and picture filled self to a stripped down version with just the article you want to read. That means you can go from a busy page like to a nice non-distracting page in just a click.
The trick to doing this is pretty simple. Just head over to: they have a created a bookmark that tells your browser just how to do this. Once you have the bookmark you navigate to a page you want to read click the bookmark and enjoy your article distraction free.