Most likely, your primary technical concern at GA will be online access. Yes, breaking out that new turbo titanium microscreen shaver that you bought especially for the trip will be of some importance. However, this post is about getting you connected in and around the Charlotte Convention Center (CCC) or getting you some help when you can’t.

Getting Internet Access

Secure Your Bits

If you are at all concerned about who might be looking at your data (and you should be) remember that the wifi network in the CCC is not secure.  If you have anything that needs to be secure you should use the UUA’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Not only does this create a secure “tunnel” through which all of your data can pass but it tricks your computer into thinking it’s on the UUA’s network in Boston so all of your shortcuts to file shares should work the same as if you where working from the office.

Getting Help

The ITS Helpdesk @ GA – or 617-948-6109

Event Technology Services at the CCC

Other Goodness

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