You may have heard about a virus that has been targeting Macs recently. It’s fairly sneaky and pretends to be a Adobe Flash update. Lifehacker recently pointed out an easy way to test if your Mac has this particular infection with a handy app. Simply download the FlashbackChecker zip file, extract it, and run Chances are it’ll let you know your system is sans virus.

However if you get a positive result you may want drop us a line by sending an email to helpdesk [at] or follow these removal instructions from F-Secure.

As always ITS recommends frequent system updates and installing an antivirus solution (this one is even free) to protect your computer from future attacks.

UPDATE: F-Secure recently announced the availability of a handy tool for disinfecting your mac. If you are worried you might have an infected machine just head over to F-Secure, grab the script and run it to automatically detect and remove the Flashback virus.

UPDATE: Apple has released an update that removes the Flashback virus. All you need to do in order to make sure it’s not on your mac is to install the latest updates.

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