Alternate Jefferson Program for Mac

Sometimes the mac program Remote Desktop Connection used to connect to Jefferson decides to do something other than connect to Jefferson. Often when that happens I turn to CoRD a free Remote Desktop Connection replacement. There are several things I like about it besides seeming generally less buggy it feels much more like a “mac” program and generally connects to Jefferson without popups. (more…)

Automatically Sync Your Desktop and Jefferson

For folks who work in Boston:

Not too long ago I wrote an article explaining how to automatically backup your Desktop and Documents folders to your U:\ folder, which is pretty cool. Where it turns awesome is when you use the same trick on Jefferson. Here is how it works: tell your UUA computer to use U:\ as the place to store all your Documents, and then tell Jefferson to use the same place (U:\). The end result is anything you save on your computer shows up on Jefferson and anything you save on Jefferson shows up on your computer automagically. Read on for all the details. (more…)

Help Connecting to Jefferson

One question that pops up again and again seems to be: Why can’t I can’t log into Jefferson from home? If you are having trouble connecting there are several important things to you might want to check on: your Internet connection, that you are connecting to Jefferson, and which account you are using (you’ll want to make sure it’s your UUA account).


Printing from Jefferson: A Work-around

One of the downsides to the recent Jefferson update comes to us in the form of incompatible printers. If you are unlucky, the printer connected to your home computer may no longer be available when you are logged in to Jefferson. One option is to buy a new printer, but if you want to cheat, there is a way you can kind of print from Jefferson anyway using a PDF Printer. (more…)

Jefferson Shortcut

If you’d like a ready-made shortcut to Jefferson on your desktop or to take with you on a USB key you can grab a copy and place it somewhere convenient. Next time you want to fire up Jefferson double click the shortcut and it will send you to Jefferson where you can put in your UUA username and password.

Works on XP/Vista/Win7

Automatically Back Up Your Documents

Did you know that files you save on your computer are not backed up? It’s sad but true that anything you save on the hard drive of your work computer could be lost if something bad happened. Fortunately if you use a desktop on Beacon hill there is an easy way to make sure files are backed up. Here’s how to tell your computer to store your Desktop and Documents folder in your U:\ Drive rather than on your local computer.


ITS coverage during holiday break

Hi Folks, during the holiday break, ITS will be checking up on our ticketing system at least once a day.  As usual for non-urgent issues you can send email to helpdesk [at ]  For more urgent issues you can call the regular helpdesk number at 617-948-6109 and leave a message.  Messages left here will be sent to our ticketing system and to our phones via text message. (more…)