Computer woes got you down? Intermittent Internet? Sluggish speed? Frozen functions? What’s a concerned citizen to do? I’m glad you asked!

What you and your computer need is a good old fashioned reboot. That’s right, a faster safer computing future is just a few clicks away! It’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all, your computer will thank you for it. It’s amazing how many problems a simple reboot (a.k.a. restart) will solve. This message brought to you by the Information Technology Council for a Better World. For more information of what a reboot can do for you send an electronic dispatch to helpdesk @

Humor aside, restarting your computer is one of the easiest things you can do to get your recalcitrant computer (or wayward program) back to normal. It’s also usually when computers get a chance to update themselves, which can be critical for the security and stability of your system.

To reboot your computer:

  • Windows XP: Click the Start button in the lower left corner, click Shut Down, and choose Restart.
  • Windows 7: Click Start, click the arrow next to the Shut Down button, and choose Restart.
  • Mac: Click the Apple in the upper left corner and choose Restart.
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