SECURITY ALERT – Think before using  this or any online fax service to send documents that may contain confidential information. Online services work by having you upload your document to their servers. Your documents are then no longer under your direct physical control. END OF ALERT

If you occasionally need to fax a short (1-3 page) Word document or PDF file that’s on your computer – and you’re not in a rush – here’s a free online service called faxZero. You don’t need to create an account;  just go to the website and fill out the form to send a fax.

Each fax can have up to three pages plus a cover page, and you can send up to five faxes each day. A cover page is automatically generated with the from/to information and a not-too-awful ad for faxZero. You can also add a message to the cover page.

After you submit your fax, you get an email with a link you must click to continue. Your fax is then queued and is usually sent within 20 minutes. (I know, I know. That’s the “not in a rush” part.) After it’s sent, sometimes hours later, you’ll get another email telling you whether it succeeded or not.

After awhile, Postini started quarantining the emails faxZero sent to me. So I suggest adding “” to your Postini Approved Sender list (not the Approved Domain list).

Here are the steps for using the faxZero interface:

FaxZero Submission Form
FaxZero Submission Form
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