Archiving and .pst Files: What Are They?

Before I dive into archiving and what .pst files are, I’d like to start with a brief overview of how the UUA’s email system works. Everything in each person’s Inbox, Deleted Items, and other folders live on one of the UUA’s servers. Outlook (or Entourage for Mac users) connects to our server and grabs a copy of each email, calendar item, contact, etc. It also checks back periodically for any new email that may have been sent to your inbox. (more…)

Open Network Shares Faster with Mac Finder

If you’re using a Mac to connect to UUA network shares you may have noticed when you click on a folder with lots of items in it nothing happens for a minute or two. This has annoyed me enough that I actually switched to a Finder replacement (muCommander) for a while. (Finder is the Mac file management program that corresponds to Windows Explorer on Windows machines.) That worked pretty well but a recent conversation with a coworker lead me to another solution. (more…)

Firefox Addons (or why I use Firefox)

In a previous post I mentioned that I use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser. There are a few reasons here and there but if I had to name one thing that keeps me using Firefox it would be: Firefox addons. These things are awesome, and let me easily tweak the program or add features. To install them open the Tools Menu and select Add-ons. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order: (more…)

Basic Tech Tips

Not everyone has the same level of tech expertise, and sometimes it’s tough to see colleagues zip through computer tasks you have trouble with. If you feel embarrassed about your technical skills (and who doesn’t from time to time?) it can be even tougher to ask for help.  While there are many resources on the available online it can be an overwhelming task to search them out. (more…)

GA Tech Prep – Before You Go

With General Assembly about a week away it’s time to start pulling together that list of supplies and gadgets you’ll need to insure, despite Murphy’s law, that your technology experience go as smoothly as possible. We in ITS have put together some tips on what to carry, and a handy checklist you can take with you as you run around gathering stuff for your trip. (more…)

Snippets to Save

Don’t delete this post. It has valuable code “snippets” for you to use. Click into the “html” view to see and/or copy the code snippet for each feature.

Embedding Videos

Standard/Default Size from YouTube


Specified and Reduced Size from Vimeo

Guest Author Credit/Byline


Rev. Carlton Elliott Smith is a Team Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, VA. Throughout 2010-2011, much of his attention is going toward the congregational/denominational focus on justice for immigrants and their families.

Hiding an image for use on Facebook postings

This is simply done by embedding a 1 pixel by 1 pixel image into your post. This will not be visible to your blog readers (except the visually anal ones) but it will show up as a thumbnail option when posting to Facebook. Look at the post on Blinded by Bias and try sharing it to Facebook. You should see the thumbnail of your portrait as an option to use for the FB post.

To do this you must add the following code to the end of each post.  You add this in “HTML” view; not in “VIsual” view.

<img src=”” alt=” ” width=”1″ height=”1″ />

If you look closely at the end of your post text you’ll see a little dot in the middle of the line after the last period. That’s the image rendered 1×1. pixels.