Your Friend the Reboot

Computer woes got you down? Intermittent Internet? Sluggish speed? Frozen functions? What’s a concerned citizen to do? I’m glad you asked!

What you and your computer need is a good old fashioned reboot. That’s right, a faster safer computing future is just a few clicks away! It’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all, your computer will thank you for it. It’s amazing how many problems a simple reboot (a.k.a. restart) will solve. This message brought to you by the Information Technology Council for a Better World. For more information of what a reboot can do for you send an electronic dispatch to helpdesk @ (more…)

Thanksgiving IT Coverage

IT will be operating normally until the start to the Thanksgiving break. After 2 PM on Wednesday the 23rd if you have an urgent help request please call 617-948-6109 and leave a message. ITS staffers will be notified as soon as you finish recording your message that someone has an issue and we’ll do our best to help out in a timely manner. As usual for non-urgent issues you can send email to Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Web Writing: What’s the Big Deal?

You probably write material for the website or a UUA blog, at least on occasion. But does anyone read it?

Caution: You may be great at writing five-paragraph essays (the kind you wrote for school), scholarly papers, business memos, or sermons. But when people read web pages, their attention span is incredibly short.  If a page contains paragraphs of text with few links, headings, or bulleted lists, the reader is outta there within seconds.

The ITS Web Team is starting a series of articles entitled “Web Writing” about keeping material short, writing effective titles and headings, adding links, and other ways to help your readers find what they need.

Just can’t wait? Buy Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug or Letting Go of the Words by Janice Redish, or read Jakob Nielsen’s articles online.

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Your E-vites and E-Newsletters May Get Spam-Canned

If you send out a newsletter, event invitations, or other automated emails, be sure to let ITS know. Otherwise, your mailings may get caught in our spam filter (Postini). Systems like Constant Contact, Salsa Labs, and Pingg send messages that look spammier than individually-sent messages. More than one staff newsletter has been identified as junk mail on its way into our mailboxes, so that no UUA staffers ever received it. The same can happen to e-vites and e-vite RSVPs.

If you let ITS know what you are up to, we can add the address from which your messages will be sent to our ”whitelist” – the list of trusted senders, so your mail will arrive safely.

Also see our article on writing email to avoid getting caught in spam filters.

Moving to a New Mail Server

We are done installing a new mail server (Exchange 2010, for those geeks among you). The next step is to move all our mailboxes from the old server to the new server. We’ve moved the first 100 or so, and will be moving about 50 each night until we are done. You’ll get an email the day before we plan to move yours. Read on for details.