Zoom in on Shared Screen in AnyMeeting

When someone is sharing their screen with you in AnyMeeting you can control the appearance of the shared image by hovering the cursor over the image. A toolbar appears, as shown below. The magnifying glass toggles between “Actual Size” and “Fit to Screen”; usually Actual Size is a good fit. The other tool toggles between “Maximized” and “Minimized.” Often, Maximized is your best bet as other combinations will truncate the bottom of the image or render it too small to be useful.

Help Connecting to Jefferson

One question that pops up again and again seems to be: Why can’t I can’t log into Jefferson from home? If you are having trouble connecting there are several important things to you might want to check on: your Internet connection, that you are connecting to Jefferson, and which account you are using (you’ll want to make sure it’s your UUA account).


Printing from Jefferson: A Work-around

One of the downsides to the recent Jefferson update comes to us in the form of incompatible printers. If you are unlucky, the printer connected to your home computer may no longer be available when you are logged in to Jefferson. One option is to buy a new printer, but if you want to cheat, there is a way you can kind of print from Jefferson anyway using a PDF Printer. (more…)

Force a Frozen Program to Close (Windows)

Most of the time, Windows programs behave, but occasionally they freeze up and stubbornly refuse to close or respond. Usually you can use End Task from the task manager to close them but if that fails there is another trick you can use: End Process. Here’s how both of these methods work.  (more…)

Force a Frozen Program to Close (Mac)

Most of the time programs running on your Mac behave, but occasionally they freeze up and stubbornly refuse to close or respond. Usually you can force an application to quit by pressing Option+Command+Escape, selecting the wayward program, and clickng the Force Quit button. If that fails there is another trick  to close a frozen program.  Morbidly enough it’s a command called kill. (more…)

Check a Suspicious File with VirusTotal

Sometimes you receive a file that gives you pause. It might be from a website you don’t fully trust, or it has appeared mysteriously in your inbox.  What ever the case, you’d like to make sure it’s on the up-and-up. While it’s pretty tough to get 100% certainty, analyzing a suspect file with VirusTotal can get you pretty close. VirusTotal is a website that inspects a link or file  you give it.  It scans the file with about 40 different antivirus solutions and shows you the results. If you find yourself scanning links and files frequently they offer a desktop application (Windows only) and browser plugin (Firefox) that can add scanning with VirusTotal as an option to your right-click menu.