Often there are a couple of programs (or more) you open shortly after you turn on your computer in the morning.  If you are tired of clicking on them each and every morning, you can have Windows start them up for you with a just a couple steps. All you need to do is place a shortcut into a special folder. I’ll use Outlook as an example, but Windows can run or open anything you can make a shortcut to.

Step 1: Create your shortcut.

Open the Start menu, choose All Programs > Microsoft Office,  and right-click Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. From the menu that appears,  select Send To and choose Desktop (create shortcut).








Step 2: Move the shortcut to the Startup folder.

Now that you’ve made a shortcut, move it to the Startup folder so Windows will run the shortcut each time it starts up. To do that, click Start > All Programs, right-click Startup, and select Open from the menu that appears. You see a Windows Explorer window showing the contents of your Startup folder. Move your shortcut to the open window by dragging it from the desktop.

Step 3: Check that the shortcut is in your Startup folder.

When you click Start > All Programs > Startup, it should look like this:



The next time you reboot your computer, Windows will automatically start Outlook (or whatever else you want to make a shortcut for).

About the Author
James Curran