If you haven’t been upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010, chances are you soon will. While I think the new interface office uses is an improvement it can certainly take some getting used to. One thing you can use to ease the transition: a set of guides from Microsoft where you can enter a command on the Office 2003 interface and see how to do that same command in Office 2010. These guides are available online as a webapp or on your desktop in a folder called “Help with Office 2010”.

The idea behind these guides is to let you look up how to do something in Office 2010 using what you already know about the old interface. You can click through the toolbars and menus in an Office 2003 program and as soon as you’ve clicked on the function, the guide shows how to do it in Office 2010.

Here is an example using the Outlook guide to figure out how to block a sender.

Opening the shortcut from your desktop or from the webpage gets you here:

Clicking on the ‘Start’ button displays a version of Outlook 2003. I’ve clicked on the Action menu and selected Block Sender:

As soon as I click on the menu entry, the webapp shows how to get there in Outlook 2010:

That’s all there is too it! As always if you have questions you can reach us with an email helpdesk [at] uua.org

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