If you own a Mac you may have noticed that when you log in it doesn’t automatically connect to the UUA’s shared drives.  Fortunately, it’s not too hard to connect. First make sure you are connected to the UUA network.  You’ll need to be on Beacon Hill or use the UUA’s VPN .  Next, from the Finder use the “Go” menu and select “Connect to Server.”  For the server address type: smb://srv25/Scratch then press “Connect”.  If you already have a folder you can just add the folder name to the end of the server address as well.  You may have to put in your UUA username and password and press Connect again depending on how your Mac is configured.  The Finder should now open a new window and show the contents of the scratch drive or your folder.

Note: This method will work with any UUA share though you will need to know the “path” or location of the share. In this example that path would be: //srv25/Scratch but you could substitute in any other share that you have access to.

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