While this is not officially supported, if you have a Mac with OSX 10.5 or later you can use the included Mail application to check your UUA email. Here is how:

First let me reiterate: ITS does NOT support this. What does it mean that ITS doesn’t support this? It means if it breaks: we’re sorry but it really isn’t on us to fix it (google is usually a good bet though). For the sanity of my coworkers in ITS please do not email helpdesk @ uua.org or call extension 109 with questions about Mail and your UUA account.

Whew, now that the required disclaimer is out of the way, I can tell you this was a snap on my Mac running Lion. Here is what I did:

  • First make sure you have an internet connection and open Mail
  • Now  open the File Menu and choose Add Account…
  • Now Enter your Name, UUA email address and UUA password and press Continue
  • Choose whether or not to also pull over calendar info (iCal) and Contacts
  • When you are ready to pull the trigger hit the Create button and mail will start pouring in.

Update: Sean correctly points out that the UUA does have mailbox limits so using Mail exclusively without another plan for archiving could cause you to run out of space.

That’s it, however not as always please do not contact helpdesk @ uua.org or extension 109 with questions about this.

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