Once your mailbox is on the new UUA mail server, you should be able to connect to it to read your email on iPhones and other smartphones and tablets. Here’s what to do if your iPhone won’t connect.

First, make sure your phone has a PIN set.

Still no good? Turn it off and then on again. (Press the power button on the top until it prompts you to confirm that you want to turn it off. When the screen goes dark, press the power button again to turn it back on.)

If that doesn’t work, press Settings and then Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Press your UUA.org mail account and then Account. Make sure the settings are:

  • Email: yourusername@uua.org
  • Server: (ask ITS for the server name)
  • Domain: uua.org
  • Username: yourusername
  • Password: (your password)
  • Description: (whatever you want to call this account, like UUA Mail)
  • Use SSL: On

That should do it!

About the Author
Margy Levine Young
Margy Levine Young is the Manager of the ITS Web Team, part of the Information Technology Service staff group of the UUA.