If you’ve been using the updated version of mailuua.uua.org to access your email you’ve probably noticed that it automatically groups your email in “conversations” like gmail. While that is often useful sometimes its nice to view your email as a giant list. Here is how:First head over to mailuua.uua.org and log in with your UUA username and password (don’t forget the uua\ before your username).

Once you’ve logged in look for “Conversations by Date” click on that link to bring up a menu

Now just un-check  (or check to enable) the “Conversation” box near the bottom of that menu to disable conversation views and turn your mailbox into a giant list the way it looked in outlook 2003.


If you have questions drop us a line: helpdesk [at] uua.org and we’ll see what we can do to help.

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James Curran