If you work for the UUA you’ve recently received an email explaining that your phone (or tablet) will need a PIN enabled in order to access UUA email. Here is how to set that up for an Android based device.

  • Press the Menu key at the bottom of your phone.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Scroll down until you see “Location & security” — press it.
  • Press “Change screen lock”.
  • Now you have some options however due to our server settings you’ll need to choose PIN.
  • After you press PIN, it asks you to enter a PIN that is at least 4 numbers long. Note: Avoid the year of your birth, and PINs such as 1111. They are very easy to guess.
  • Press Continue when you are happy with your PIN.
  • Once entered it asks you to enter your PIN again to verify.
  • Press OK to set your PIN.

The next time you unlock your phone or tablet it will ask for your PIN.

Update: If you don’t like Locking your entire device with a PIN third party mail clients such as Touchdown ($20) will allow you to enter a PIN when you access your UUA email. It is a bit pricy but they do have a free trial.

I used Android 2.3.5 to create these instructions. Your device might have slightly different steps. If you are having trouble setting a PIN or have a question don’t hesitate to ask: helpdesk @ uua.org

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James Curran