It seems like I always want to send someone a file, and sometimes it’s too large to attach to any email message. Or, I want to send a bunch of files (photos, maybe), and many email systems refuse to accept ZIP files. So when StumbleUpon showed me WeTransfer I was immediately interested. Follow the link for an easy way to send giant attachments to any email address.

The concept is pretty simple: you upload a file (or set of files) to WeTransfer. Then you enter the email addresses for you and for the person you want to send the file(s) to. WeTransfer sends the person an email with a download link to the file. I tested this method with my less-than-techie parents and they were easily able to send me a bundle of pictures from Alaska — if they could use it, you know that it’s dead simple.

You can send up to 2 GB at a time, it’s free, and the link remains active for two weeks. WeTransfer seems to be a great way to get around email attachment limits or even to send yourself a big file. Don’t be shy, head over to and try it out!

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