Check a Suspicious File with VirusTotal

Sometimes you receive a file that gives you pause. It might be from a website you don’t fully trust, or it has appeared mysteriously in your inbox.  What ever the case, you’d like to make sure it’s on the up-and-up. While it’s pretty tough to get 100% certainty, analyzing a suspect file with VirusTotal can get you pretty close. VirusTotal is a website that inspects a link or file  you give it.  It scans the file with about 40 different antivirus solutions and shows you the results. If you find yourself scanning links and files frequently they offer a desktop application (Windows only) and browser plugin (Firefox) that can add scanning with VirusTotal as an option to your right-click menu.

The U:\ and How it Can Save Your Files

Folders are pretty boring.  You probably have tons of them on your computer.  However, not all folders where created equal.  The U:\ or “U” drive is a folder that lives on one of the UUA’s servers.  Your U drive folder has one extra property that a folder on your desktop lacks: it is backed up several different ways automatically. Read on to find out how to keep your data safe…


GA Tech Prep – Before You Go

With General Assembly about a week away it’s time to start pulling together that list of supplies and gadgets you’ll need to insure, despite Murphy’s law, that your technology experience go as smoothly as possible. We in ITS have put together some tips on what to carry, and a handy checklist you can take with you as you run around gathering stuff for your trip. (more…)

Lock your Computer with a Simple Shortcut

ITS recommends that you lock your workstation before leaving it unattended. To make that as painless as possible, I’d like to share a couple of shortcuts.  Note: Locking your computer does not log you off. Instead locking your computer simply protects your programs and data by asking for your password before it will allow anyone to use it. Any running programs you have will continue running until you unlock the computer with your password. (more…)