Switching to a Mac?

I’ve been forced to use a Mac for a few weeks, and as a diehard Windows user, the Mac has been driving me crazy. “Where did my window go?”  “Why can’t I get the Finder to act like Windows Explorer?”  “What programs are running?”  (Macs are sooooo intuitive, my eye!)

I just discovered that Lynda.com has a series of videos for Windows users who are learning to use a Mac. Log into Lynda.com with your UUA account and search for “switching from Windows to Mac.” There are also training videos for Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac (search for “office for mac”). Finally, I found a list of keyboard shortcuts, which make the Mac more PC-like.

I’m starting to get the hang of it!

Alternate Jefferson Program for Mac

Sometimes the mac program Remote Desktop Connection used to connect to Jefferson decides to do something other than connect to Jefferson. Often when that happens I turn to CoRD a free Remote Desktop Connection replacement. There are several things I like about it besides seeming generally less buggy it feels much more like a “mac” program and generally connects to Jefferson without popups. (more…)

Force a Frozen Program to Close (Mac)

Most of the time programs running on your Mac behave, but occasionally they freeze up and stubbornly refuse to close or respond. Usually you can force an application to quit by pressing Option+Command+Escape, selecting the wayward program, and clickng the Force Quit button. If that fails there is another trick  to close a frozen program.  Morbidly enough it’s a command called kill. (more…)

New Loaners!

In preparation for the upcoming Windows 7 Migration ITS has purchased three new loaner laptops. In addition to be several times faster than the rest of our aging loaner fleet they have the Windows 7 and Office 2010 installed.

On a similar note, by popular demand IT has also purchased a Macbook loaner (sorry its still on leopard) with Office 2011

As always our loaners are first come first served so if you want to give one a spin let us know at helpdesk @ uua.org

Open Network Shares Faster with Mac Finder

If you’re using a Mac to connect to UUA network shares you may have noticed when you click on a folder with lots of items in it nothing happens for a minute or two. This has annoyed me enough that I actually switched to a Finder replacement (muCommander) for a while. (Finder is the Mac file management program that corresponds to Windows Explorer on Windows machines.) That worked pretty well but a recent conversation with a coworker lead me to another solution. (more…)