Archiving and .pst Files: What Are They?

Before I dive into archiving and what .pst files are, I’d like to start with a brief overview of how the UUA’s email system works. Everything in each person’s Inbox, Deleted Items, and other folders live on one of the UUA’s servers. Outlook (or Entourage for Mac users) connects to our server and grabs a copy of each email, calendar item, contact, etc. It also checks back periodically for any new email that may have been sent to your inbox. (more…)

Archive with Entourage

Before I dive into how to archive I’d like to give you a brief overview of how our mail system works. We keep a copy of everything in each person’s Inbox, Deleted Items, and other folders on the server. Your Outlook (for Windows) or Entourage (for Mac) program connects to our server and makes sure everything is synced up. (more…)

How to Avoid Spam Filters

It can be annoying to carefully craft an email and send it out to folks only to have it end up in their spam filter. There aren’t hard and fast rules for avoiding this, but knowing how spam filters operate can give you an idea how to keep your emails from landing in junk folders. (more…)

Spot a Scam in your Inbox

While wandering about the net I chanced on an article from Microsoft.  It’s a concise overview of what to look for in a well-crafted scam.  Fortunately for us most scams aren’t as well constructed, so they usually have one or two of these earmarks:  shortened URLs, wacky email addresses, weird information, and will almost always ask for your sensitive data.

Often the scam will try to play on your emotions to elicit a response.  One such scam is in the form of an email from a friend stuck in a foreign country who lost their wallet and needs money to get back home. The victim sends money to an overseas money order location and the scam is complete.