Your E-vites and E-Newsletters May Get Spam-Canned

If you send out a newsletter, event invitations, or other automated emails, be sure to let ITS know. Otherwise, your mailings may get caught in our spam filter (Postini). Systems like Constant Contact, Salsa Labs, and Pingg send messages that look spammier than individually-sent messages. More than one staff newsletter has been identified as junk mail on its way into our mailboxes, so that no UUA staffers ever received it. The same can happen to e-vites and e-vite RSVPs.

If you let ITS know what you are up to, we can add the address from which your messages will be sent to our ”whitelist” – the list of trusted senders, so your mail will arrive safely.

Also see our article on writing email to avoid getting caught in spam filters.

Get IT Help Fast

It can be tempting to email (or call) your colleagues in ITS about a computer issue rather than sending an email to helpdesk or calling the helpdesk line. While we do love to hear from you, please reconsider! Contacting an ITS staffer may seem like the most direct route to help but it can actually hurt your chances of getting a timely reply.  Here are some thoughts on why helpdesk @ and ext. 109 are your best bet for a speedy response. (more…)