Open Network Shares Faster with Mac Finder

If you’re using a Mac to connect to UUA network shares you may have noticed when you click on a folder with lots of items in it nothing happens for a minute or two. This has annoyed me enough that I actually switched to a Finder replacement (muCommander) for a while. (Finder is the Mac file management program that corresponds to Windows Explorer on Windows machines.) That worked pretty well but a recent conversation with a coworker lead me to another solution. (more…)

Firefox Addons (or why I use Firefox)

In a previous post I mentioned that I use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser. There are a few reasons here and there but if I had to name one thing that keeps me using Firefox it would be: Firefox addons. These things are awesome, and let me easily tweak the program or add features. To install them open the Tools Menu and select Add-ons. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order: (more…)

Update All Your Social Networks at Once

Nowadays if you don’t have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, and a blog, your staff group might be considered behind the times. Of course, the downside of all these fancy communications channels is that keeping them updated with relevant info gets to be a full-time job.

Fortunately you can update them all at once with You’ll need to head over to their site and setup a free account. Once you do, you hook up your various social networking accounts so you can update them all at the same time. For a full list of the accounts you can update with click here.

Simple Timer

I thought I’d share this handy little timer I found while wandering about the Internet the other day. It’s called Orzeszek Timer and the thing I like about it is how simple it is (not simple to pronounce, but simple to use). Simply download Orzeszek, unzip it, and click on the .exe file inside.

A small window pops up, allowing you to type the amount of time you wish. As soon as you press Enter it does the rest, counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds. If you have a favorite timer app we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Handy Screenshot Tool – FastStone Capture

Sometimes a picture is just better than explaining something to a coworker (or those crazy techs over in ITS). That’s where screen-shots come in.

One option for Windows users is that little PrtScn button floating around somewhere in the upper right part of your keyboard. When you press it, it puts a picture of the whole screen on the Clipboard (if you use two monitors, the picture even includes both screens). If you want just the currently active window (which is far more likely), press Alt-PrtScn. Then you can paste (Ctrl+V) the image in an email, a Word document, or wherever you want it. If PrtScn isn’t convenient enough, there are other options.