Basic Tech Tips

Not everyone has the same level of tech expertise, and sometimes it’s tough to see colleagues zip through computer tasks you have trouble with. If you feel embarrassed about your technical skills (and who doesn’t from time to time?) it can be even tougher to ask for help.  While there are many resources on the available online it can be an overwhelming task to search them out. (more…)

Holiday Coverage

Hi Folks, during the holiday break, ITS will be checking up on our ticketing system and phone mail Monday through Friday at 10am and 2pm.  As usual for non-urgent issues you can send email to or call 617-948-6109 (or x109 if you’re on-site).  We’ve set up a hot-line for more urgent issues – this number is 617-444-9882.  Messages left here will be sent to our phones via text message and we’ll respond as soon as reasonably possible. Have a great holiday.

Usability and Your Communications

How does the usability of your communications stack up against industry standards? “Why proliferate the world with useless objects [and processes]?”  This is a question asked by John Hockenberry, Honorary Chair of World Usability Day (WUD) 2010 which just happened this month on November 11th.

WUD’s mission is to ensure “…greater awareness for designs, products and services that improve and facilitate communication around the world,” says Elizabeth Rosenzweig, founder of WUD.  This years special focus for WUD is on communications. (more…)

Who is ITS?

Who am us, anyway?!?!

ITS is the nine people who work in the Information Technology Services staff group of the Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations in Boston.

Here’s our mission: We manage the technology that supports connections and information sharing among the UUA staff, congregations, districts, and the general public. We provide high-availability computing infrastructure, software tools and systems, consulting services, and technical support to UUA and district staff located throughout the United States. We directly manage and safeguard the constituent data of the Association.

Here’s our vision: We are advisers, inventors, analysts, designers, tool makers, system administrators, trainers, and support specialists, helping the UUA staff fulfill its mission of supporting UU congregations, getting the word out about UUism, and being a respected public voice for liberal religious values.

And here are our shared values: We work with a spirit of collaboration and goodwill, value empowerment through sharing of knowledge, and treat one another and those we serve with respect in accordance with the UU Principles. We believe technology’s value derives from being a means to achieve humanitarian ends.