UUA Intranet Glitch

ITS regrets to inform you that there is a glitch with some of the files on our intranet (internal website). Internet Explorer 8 refuses to download some DOC files that contain forms. Fortunately, you can download them in FirefoxGoogle Chrome, and other versions of Internet Explorer.

If you run into a problem you might want to retry with another web browser. When your computer is upgraded to Windows 7, it will upgrade to Internet Explorer 9, which should fix the problem as well.

As always if you have any questions let us know by email at helpdesk [at] uua.org or phone at extension 109.


ITS coverage during holiday break

Hi Folks, during the holiday break, ITS will be checking up on our ticketing system at least once a day.  As usual for non-urgent issues you can send email to helpdesk [at ] uua.org.  For more urgent issues you can call the regular helpdesk number at 617-948-6109 and leave a message.  Messages left here will be sent to our ticketing system and to our phones via text message. (more…)

New Loaners!

In preparation for the upcoming Windows 7 Migration ITS has purchased three new loaner laptops. In addition to be several times faster than the rest of our aging loaner fleet they have the Windows 7 and Office 2010 installed.

On a similar note, by popular demand IT has also purchased a Macbook loaner (sorry its still on leopard) with Office 2011

As always our loaners are first come first served so if you want to give one a spin let us know at helpdesk @ uua.org