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Thanksgiving IT Coverage

IT will be operating normally until the start to the Thanksgiving break. After 2 PM on Wednesday the 23rd if you have an urgent help request please call 617-948-6109 and leave a message. ITS staffers will be notified as soon as you finish recording your message that someone has an issue and we’ll do our best to help out in a timely manner. As usual for non-urgent issues you can send email to helpdesk_@_uua.org. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Help ITS Save Your Music

Save iTunesiTunes is a problem for IT folks. I guesstimate  that iTunes will cost ITS about $3,000 in time when we migrate to Windows 7 later this year.  Every time we replace a computer or re-install Windows on an existing computer, we backup and restore all your files. If you use iTunes, you have an iTunes Library folder containing all your music, and we have to move it along with the rest of your files. (Well, we don’t have to, but we are nice enough to do so.) If you have hundreds or thousands of songs or videos, the iTunes Library folder is large, and can take half an hour to back up and restore.


New Loaners!

In preparation for the upcoming Windows 7 Migration ITS has purchased three new loaner laptops. In addition to be several times faster than the rest of our aging loaner fleet they have the Windows 7 and Office 2010 installed.

On a similar note, by popular demand IT has also purchased a Macbook loaner (sorry its still on leopard) with Office 2011

As always our loaners are first come first served so if you want to give one a spin let us know at helpdesk @ uua.org

Get IT Help Fast

It can be tempting to email (or call) your colleagues in ITS about a computer issue rather than sending an email to helpdesk or calling the helpdesk line. While we do love to hear from you, please reconsider! Contacting an ITS staffer may seem like the most direct route to help but it can actually hurt your chances of getting a timely reply.  Here are some thoughts on why helpdesk @ uua.org and ext. 109 are your best bet for a speedy response. (more…)