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Guides to Office 2010 for Office 2003 Users

If you haven’t been upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010, chances are you soon will. While I think the new interface office uses is an improvement it can certainly take some getting used to. One thing you can use to ease the transition: a set of guides from Microsoft where you can enter a command on the Office 2003 interface and see how to do that same command in Office 2010. These guides are available online as a webapp or on your desktop in a folder called “Help with Office 2010”.


Convert a PDF to Word or Excel

Occasionally I want to convert a PDF into something else, so recently I did a bit of googling and found a free solution that works pretty well for creating simple Word or Excel files. Fair warning: While you can use this service for free, it is offered by NitroPDF software as a way to sell you on their other products. (more…)

UUA Intranet Glitch

ITS regrets to inform you that there is a glitch with some of the files on our intranet (internal website). Internet Explorer 8 refuses to download some DOC files that contain forms. Fortunately, you can download them in FirefoxGoogle Chrome, and other versions of Internet Explorer.

If you run into a problem you might want to retry with another web browser. When your computer is upgraded to Windows 7, it will upgrade to Internet Explorer 9, which should fix the problem as well.

As always if you have any questions let us know by email at helpdesk [at] uua.org or phone at extension 109.


Your Friend the Reboot

Computer woes got you down? Intermittent Internet? Sluggish speed? Frozen functions? What’s a concerned citizen to do? I’m glad you asked!

What you and your computer need is a good old fashioned reboot. That’s right, a faster safer computing future is just a few clicks away! It’s quick, it’s easy, and best of all, your computer will thank you for it. It’s amazing how many problems a simple reboot (a.k.a. restart) will solve. This message brought to you by the Information Technology Council for a Better World. For more information of what a reboot can do for you send an electronic dispatch to helpdesk @ uua.org. (more…)