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Phoenix – Easy Online Image editing

Ever sit down at a coworker’s computer (or a loaner) only to find they don’t have your favorite image editing software installed? Rather than downloading and installing something like The Gimp or Paint.NET you can just point a web browser at Phoenix. Phoenix lets you upload photos to edit online or create new photos. It’s powerful (support for essentials like layers) and it’s easy to use. They even have tutorials to get you started. Best of all its free, there is no install time and it works anywhere you have a web browser and an internet connection.

Share Files with DropBox

This service is one of my favorites. You can do all sorts of stuff with it but I’d like to briefly go over how you can use it to send someone a large file (without completely filling their email inbox). Hit the link for all the gory details. (more…)

Jetbytes.com – Easy File Transfer

To send a file to someone with Jetbytes you simply:

You head over to http://jetbytes.com/ click the “Browse” button
Find the file you’d like to transfer and click “Open”
Jetbytes will create a link for you to send to email or IM to the recipient
They click the link and the transfer starts.
Once the transfer is complete you can close the page.

Why is this cool? Suppose you’re trying to send someone a large file as an email attachment, but their email service has a size limit on attachments (a 25 MB limit is not uncommon). This lets you send them a link instead and it won’t eat up all their inbox space. There is unfortunately a downside to this method: you have to leave jetbytes open in your web browser until they have downloaded the file. So it works best when you know they are at their computer.

Edit: Another way to go for online file transfer is DropBox. I’ve breifly posted on how to share files with it here.

Keepass – Password Manager

If you are like me you’ll have accumulated tons of passwords by now. Some of them are fairly important and you might want them tough to crack, unfortunately you need to actually be able to remember your passwords and the harder they are to crack the harder they are to remember. You might want to store them in your web browser but that isn’t very secure.


Task Coach – Simple Task List

I’ve been testing out this little program and found it to be quite handy. If you are looking for something to keep track of things you need to get done take a look here over at their website or grab the portable version here. It also works on Mac, Linux and iPhone.
Coolest Feature: It will create a task out of an Outlook email automatically, just drag an email from Outlook and drop it into Task Coach.

Tinychat: Free Online Video Conferencing

The other day I was reading Lifehacker’s list of 10 Under-hyped Webapps (http://lifehacker.com/5361979/ ) and came across Tinychat (http://tinychat.com/ ). After a couple tests I’m a fan.

What it’s good for:

Quickly creating a video conference


Easy to use.
No sign up required
No install required
IM, video and audio chat
Screen sharing
Did I mention it’s easy to use?


Not as many options as Persony or Skype
You have to create the conference each time

How to use it:

Got to http://tinychat.com/
Enter a name for your conference and click on the l large green button titled: Create you room
Type in your name and press Login
Let other folks know what the URL is so they can join
(It’ll be: http://tinychat.com/what you named your conference)
If you want to enable your webcam or mic Click on the large blue button titled Start Broadcasting
If you want to share your screen find the gear icon above the list of people in your chatroom mouse over it and select Start desktop sharing. After running a java program a red box will appear on your desktop. Drag the box so that it is around what you’d like to share with folks and click on the Start Capture button.
When you are through with your meeting simply send your browser to a different page.