This service is one of my favorites. You can do all sorts of stuff with it but I’d like to briefly go over how you can use it to send someone a large file (without completely filling their email inbox). Hit the link for all the gory details.

You head over to and sign up for a free (2 GB) account
Download and install the dropbox program.
Dropbox will create a folder in your My Documents folder called My Dropbox inside that will be a folder called Public.
Copy the file you want to send into the Public file Ex: \My Documents\My Dropbox\Public\
The Dropbox program you just installed will begin uploading a copy to the internet.
Once it’s through uploading you can right click on the file you just added to \My Documents\My Dropbox\Public (Ex: \My Documents\My Dropbox\Public\ and find the Dropbox entry in the menu then select Copy Public Link
You can then paste the link into an email and the person can start a download from the link.

It is rather a lot of work on your end to setup but once it is setup you can easily send large files just by pasting a link into an email or IM. Note: Dropbox is intended to sync files between several computers I highly recommend checking out how it works. Dropbox has a good explination posted here:

Another option for online file transfer is jetbytes, for more info check out this post.

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  1. Kenneth

    For those who want to use Dropbox for a combination of work and personal reasons, there is a beta version that allows you to selectively sync the dropbox. The download is in a sticky post at the top of the dropbox forums:

    Installing this version of the desktop software (as I did just yesterday) will allow you to select specific folders to sync onto your computer. This way I can use it to have access to my password keeper software at work (or to put up work documents I want to have access to at home without emailing them), but not have personal copies of copyrighted files on my work computer.

  2. James Curran

    Thanks for pointing that out, Kenneth. I’ll have to test out the beta.

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