It’s easy to find a convenient meeting time for a group if everyone uses Outlook and puts their schedules in their Outlook Calendar (see our post on Outlook Meeting Requests). But what if they don’t, or if your meeting includes people not on the UUA staff?

whenisgood.netSeveral websites help you ask a group when they’d be available to meet. Since these sites don’t already know the calendars of your invitees, you suggest some times, everyone replies, and you can see a grid showing who can come when. My two favorites are MeetingWizard and WhenIsGood. Both are free. MeetingWizard makes you set up a free account, but it nicely remembers your email address and those of your attendees when you set up future meetings. WhenIsGood just asks for possible meeting times and gives you a link you can include in your email message to your invitees.

Have fun, and happy meetings!

About the Author
Margy Levine Young
Margy Levine Young is the Manager of the ITS Web Team, part of the Information Technology Service staff group of the UUA.