It always annoyed me that when I printed out a web page it came with ads, links to other articles, Facebook “Like” buttons, the list goes on…  I always used to copy and paste the entire page into something like Microsoft Word and delete things before printing.

Recently I stumbled onto a neat little solution to this particular annoyance. It’s a bookmarklet called Printliminator that lets you hide parts of a web page. You can use it to hide the parts of the page that you don’t want to print — why waste color ink on banner ads?  It’s easy to add to any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari),  and they have an introductory movie that explains how it works. Here’s another good explanation of how to use it.

If you are printing from the UUA web site try the “Print” button near the bottom right of the header graphic.  This will give you a print ready version devoid of images and color.  You’ll save paper and ink and make the UUA’s Green Initiatives Team very happy.

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