In a previous post I mentioned that I use Mozilla Firefox as my main browser. There are a few reasons here and there but if I had to name one thing that keeps me using Firefox it would be: Firefox addons. These things are awesome, and let me easily tweak the program or add features. To install them open the Tools Menu and select Add-ons. Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order:


Adds all sorts of options for tweaking how Firefox tabs behave and look. Which is great if like me you end up with tons of open tabs in your web browser.

Speed Dial

This great little addon adds an Opera/Safari like start page with visual bookmarks that link to your websites.

AutoPager (lite)

This addon automatically loads the “next” page below the current one, meaning I can just scroll down to see the next 10 results from google and similar sites.I dont use many of the advanced features of this one so I tend to install the striped down lite version.


Combines the address bar and the search bar into one (yes I really am that lazy).


This adds a configurable download manager to firefox. I like the extra control it gives me over how Firefox downloads files.

AdBlock Plus

This one blocks online advertisements, simply removing them from pages for you automatically.


Tool to find you web pages you might like when you are bored.


This addon gives you all sorts of control over how firefox looks.


Shrinks the Firefox right click menu to something manageable.

IETab (Windows Only)

This allows you to use Internet Explorer inside of Firefox. This magic is only possible on windows and works by letting you toggle between Firefox’s method to display web pages and Internet Explorer’s. Very useful if you need to use an IE only web page.


This isn’t really an addon anymore (its now built into Firefox) but if you are rocking an older install of Firefox it is still handy. Once you set it up (Tools >> Options > Sync tab on newer versions of Firefox) it copies your bookmarks, preferences history, etc. to the cloud. Not only that but it also syncs these with any install of Firefox so my Firefox at home can look the same as the one I use here at the office.


Personas (Firefox themes) like Sync are no longer an addon but instead built right into firefox. Now all you have to do is head over to the personas gallery and click on a theme you like, Firefox does the rest. A fun little feature.

If you have a favorite Firefox addon or two let us know in the comments.


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