Occasionally I want to convert a PDF into something else, so recently I did a bit of googling and found a free solution that works pretty well for creating simple Word or Excel files. Fair warning: While you can use this service for free, it is offered by NitroPDF software as a way to sell you on their other products. If you have a PDFs you’d like to turn into Word document, simply head over to pdftoword.com. If you have a PDF of a spreadsheet, go to pdftoexcelonline.com. Once there, upload the PDF you’d like to convert and enter your email address. In a few minutes you receive an email with a document or spreadsheet attached.

Note: I ran through a bunch of different documents and found that while most worked, one or two couldn’t really be converted for whatever reason. In that case the “converted” document I received was actually a word document or spreadsheet with a picture of the PDF pasted into it. Your mileage may vary.

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