No revolutions here, just a couple thoughts on using two web browsers. While it seems like one should be enough I find myself using two web browsers all the time, here’s why:The primary reason I use more than one web browser is to split up tasks; one browser for long term or on-going work and another for quick one-off jobs.

Another reason I regularly use a second browser is for simultaneous logins on multiple accounts (such as two Gmail accounts).

I should also confess that with the second browser method helps me keep non-work stuff out of my main browser. (admit it you check Facebook or personal email on occasion). Keeping it in a separate browser makes it less of a distraction for me.

I consider Firefox to be my “main” browser and use it for long term tasks such as research; keeping an eye on the ticket queue, Google Calendar scheduling and a host of other IT related web activities.  As such I have it set to restore the tabs I had open during the last browsing session and to automatically start up with windows. I also have it tweaked and customized to my liking with some of the great add-ons available. This gives me a fairly continuous customized long-term web based work flow from day to day.

I use Google Chrome as my “secondary” web browser (though I’ve told my computer it’s the default web browser). This means when someone sends me a link in an email or IM it opens in chrome. When I’m through with the link I simply close the program.  Same deal with distractions like Facebook or youTube, I find it’s much easier not to compulsively check social media if I simply close the browser when I’m through. I’ve also set it not to remember my previous browsing session so it really is a blank slate for temporary tasks each time I need it.

If you have a tip to share on using web browsers we’d love to hear about it in the comments.

It should be noted that IT does not support using Facebook, Twitter, or other personal accounts.

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