Hi Folks, during the holiday break, ITS will be checking up on our ticketing system at least once a day.  As usual for non-urgent issues you can send email to helpdesk [at ] uua.org.  For more urgent issues you can call the regular helpdesk number at 617-948-6109 and leave a message.  Messages left here will be sent to our ticketing system and to our phones via text message.

If we are working on fixing network issues we’ll be updating you via email as normal.  If email is an issue you can get status updates in two ways:

  1. Click the tab at the top of every ITS Launchpad page called ‘UUA Status‘.
  2. Check the greeting on the helpdesk phone line.


Checking your email: 

If you only want to check your UUA email, we suggest opening a browser and accessing the Outlook Web Mail App.  It will work fine in any browser but IE will work best. You should find this faster and easier than going to Jefferson to check your email.

With our recent email server upgrade, the Web Mail App has a great new appearance.  Check out our latest blog post for a good tip on enabling (or disabling) threaded conversations in the inbox.

That’s it for now.  Have a great holiday!

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